Heritage damage assessment options ?


If there’s been any structural visible damage on your monument you visit often, you need to not wait and ought to quickly call in inspection professionals’ equipment with machine-based inspection techniques. In some cases, you can do restoration cum inspection a Do it yourself venture by taking photographs and eye inspection. Let’s have a near look at the ML techniques available now.  Dr. Mayank Mishra, from Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar has suggested the application of machine leaning in structural health monitoring of cultural heritage buildings in his recent review article published in Journal of Cultural heritage (Elsevier). The article can be downloaded using the link https://doi.org/10.1016/j.culher.2020.09.005.

Heritage damage assessment

Time is really important when it will come to monument damage restoration and any delay can drastically increase losses resulting in extra repair bills. If water is seeping then we need to right away contact in experts as shortly as we can. In the technological era, machine learning techniques offer a quick and reliable solution for inspecting cultural heritage buildings.

Technological know how

Read the article published in Journal of Cultural heritage in ML for SHM of CH to know about the techniques that are possible now to inspect CH buildings. You may take several hours to discover and analysis to determine out optimum ML method for inspecting CH whilst specialists with a long time of fingers on knowledge will quickly go to inspect CH in the most efficient way.  ML techniques will also recommend you on prospective future problems that can damage CH building.


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