The Biography of VaranYar, a Sweet-singing Artist


Mohammad NorouziRagheb, known by the stage name VaranYar, is an Iranian singer, lyricist, pop artist, and composer who was born on September 9th, 1992 in Asadabad, Hamedan, Iran.

Varan Yar is of Kurdish origin and now resides in Karaj.

He is the family’s youngest child, with one brother and three sisters.


He graduated from Tehran Azad University with a bachelor’s degree in computer software.


Varan Yar pursued his passion for music and the arts as a kid, thanks to the backing of his family and friends. As a youngster, he succeeded to release his single track, “Delkhoshi” [Delight], which featured his own song and composition, and arrangements by KamyarKhosravi.

Marriage Status

Varan Yar (pop singer) is now single and unmarried, and reports of his marriage are also false.

Activities as a Musician

After a year passed of his debut dong’s release, Varan Yar launched his new single, “Paiz” [Automn], composed and arranged by Me’rajGarmabi.
In 2018, he met twin brothers Amin and Omid and began a more serious artistic collaboration with them.

This collaboration started with a song called “Bi Rahm” [Hardhearted]. Amin and Omid composed the song, and ArshidaKhodadadpour wrote the lyrics with a license from the Ministry of Culture. Varan Yar then co-published his other works, named “Tab” [Fever], “Hasrat” [Regret], and “Gonah” [Sin], with Mostafa Momeni, Fatah Fathi, Amir Heidari, ImanAhmadzadeh, Mohammad Zarnoush, Kian Darat, Farid Imani, Behnam Hakim, and HiradNiknam.

Varan Yar still works with these artists and currently they are composing his new albums and single tracks.

Varan Yar’s View on the Music Industry

Varan Yar believes that Iran’s pop music has advanced considerably compared to the past, making it more difficult to match the expectations of listeners and audiences.

According to Varan Yar, the future of Iranian music will be better than ever, as the number of creative and passionate Iranian artists grows by the day.

Music, reading, travel

Favorite Musical Instruments
Piano, clarinet

Favorite Styles
Pop, hip-hop, traditional

Varan Yar’s Activities in Social Networks and Instagram
You can find this sweet singing talent on this platform under the name VaranReall and follow his work via this page.

Paiz [Automn]
Birahm [Hardhearted]
Tab [Favor]
Hasrat [Regret]

Gonah [Sin]
Kafi-ye [Enough!]
official website : varanyar .ir/”>
Official Instagram : VaranReall

Varan Yar’s Personal Photo Gallery


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