Use Whatsapp business API smartly and creatively to grow your business


For Whatsapp API owning and running a business, exploring various platforms to advertise and promote the brand becomes important. A systematic marketing process and the use of innovative communication channels would allow your business to reach a larger number of audiences. Being one of the most prominent messaging app on the planet, the use of WhatsApp for business can especially be effective in connecting with both current and prospective customers.

Have an Official WhatsApp Number with WhatsApp Business API

To connect with your customers through this platform, you would need to make a WhatsApp business account . It is smart to get a new number for making this account, which shall be used for only business purposes. While the simple WhatsApp Business App would be enough for a small business, if you have a large operation or plan for a business expansion in the near future, it would be better to use WhatsApp API instead. This is an application program interface that allows businesses to receive and answer unlimited WhatsApp messages seamlessly, and facilitates multiple logins and a support dashboard. However, WhatsApp API can only be accessed via WhatsApp Business Solution Providers or BSPs.

Send Interesting Content

To build customer loyalty through WhatsApp, you need to provide them with interesting and engaging content. You can:

• Send educational and informative PDFs and videos related to your product or niche
• Provide customer support through the app, including video tutorials
• Send attractive graphics along with useful information to your target audience to grab their attention

However, remember not to be a brand that sends messages to customers all day long. This will just make them annoyed, rather than engaging them. Providing relevant information in a timely manner is the key to a smart WhatsApp messaging strategy.
Get creative

ACL Mobile is Now Sinch india; now, we are authorized as a WhatsApp business partner with a leading communications platform provider enabling enterprises to communicate with customers over multiple channels: SMS, Voice, and Email. Connect with customers and make engagement personal with our simple, programmable SMS, voice, video, & verification tools. Find out more information today. Companies of diverse types are now discovering various intuitive ways to Whatsapp business API for building and growing their business. For instance, a number of restaurants now take orders via WhatsApp. This channel allows customers to communicate their customization instructions and preferences in real time to the restaurants. With Whatsapp, customers can also seamlessly track the status of their order, including the location of their delivery person. On the other hand, many hospitals now allow appointments and consultations to be booked via Whatsapp. Certain pharmacies also accept prescriptions on the platform, and subsequently provide home delivery of the medicines.

Whatsapp bot particularly assists in enhancing the customer support and marketing functions of any business.


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