WHAT IS BEAN PIE, Historical past and its Taste


In short, a bean pie is a custard variety of pie that is made from legumes. Beans are the preferred choice, far more particularly navy beans which are known as haricot beans in the Uk.

The beans are mashed or pureed along with eggs, evaporated milk, butter and spices. The spices that are employed range from person to person.

Vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon are the most popular spices but insert ins incorporate cloves, ginger and some individuals like to include lemon extract/juice to their bean pie.

The combination is baked in a complete wheat crust till a brown crust is fashioned on the leading layer beneath the yellow-ish custard.

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Although I won’t go into the whole heritage of the pie, I will emphasize the most crucial bits of info.

As I mentioned previously mentioned, bean pies are connected with black muslims and the Black Electrical power Motion, more specificially the Nation of Islam which was established in the nineteen thirties.

Lana Shabazz is explained to be the creator of the pie. The complete idea driving the bean pie was to serve as an substitute to sweet potato pie (soul food).

Sweet potato pie is deemed soul foods which was frowned on for its slavery roots, it was observed as an oppressive kind of food.

The idea was for men and women to reliquish by themselves from foodstuff/ingredients that were connected with slavery that could affect their health.

Navy beans had been deemed a very good crop and its intake was encouraged alongside with a reduced sugar diet and non processed foodstuff.

The bean pie is the northern states (think Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Illinois) equvalent of the southern pumpkin, sweet potato and pecan pie.

These days, its standard to see a bean pie sitting appropriate subsequent to a sweet potato pie.

Of program, there are nevertheless individuals who maintain onto their very own beliefs and will shun southern pies, but I think there is place for all variants of pie.


In my view the pie preferences really significantly like custard since it is silky clean like custard with a crunchy crust on prime.

There really is not much variation in the flavor of this pie in comparison to other pies which are manufactured extremely related.

The only big difference is beans are getting utilized in location of root veggies.


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